The holidays, amiright? For those of us who enjoy the pleasures of wine, we know this time of year is much easier to endure with a glass of wine in hand. But don’t take our word for it, listen to these hilarious memes instead.

The 12 Wine-Days Of Christmas

The 12 Wines Of Christmas

He Sees You When You’re Drinking

He's Sees You When You're Drinking

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A Wino’s Holiday Workout

holiday workout

How To Roast The Christmas Turkey The Right Way

Turkey Instructions

Where We All Know Holiday Spirit Actually Comes From

Xmas Spirit

It’s The Time Of Year When Cabernet Goes On Everything

Cabernet on Everything

The Weather Outside May Be Frightful, But Inside…

weather outside

Happy Hour Becomes The Entire Month Of December

happy hour in december

Wine Is The Perfect Holiday Pairing

Wine Goes With Everything

Who Says Shopping For You Is Hard?

buy wine

Our Kind Of Ornament


All We Need Is A Glass

What Santa Needs To Bring Mommy

We’re Dreaming Of A White Christmas, But Red Will Also Do

white Christmas

If Santa Were A Woman, She’d Be Drinking Wine Right Now

santa woman

Don’t Forget To Perform Random Acts Of Wineness

random acts

We’re No Priest/Minister But This Has To Be True, Right?!

drunk wine

This Is Why Christmas Miracles Are So Rare

Xmas Miracle