The start of a new year always has me itching to add a splash of new to my stash of wine accessories. The options are endless, and, alas, the space has its limits, so it takes a lot of self-restraint to not go on a completely irresponsible shopping spree. But even given the space and budget limitations, it’s still fun to find a few treats to add to my repertoire of entertaining items each year. So, in keeping with the 2015 spirit, here are 15 wine accessories (or wine-themed accessories) that will help give your cabinet the refresher it obviously deserves.

Hay Colour Glass

This is one of my absolute favorites. Each glass is $35.00 and comes in pink or gold (the exact design varies depending on which color you’re into). Buy them here.
Hay Colourglass

Stainless Steel Champagne Sabre

While I usually wouldn’t be an advocate for buying a wine sabre, since a butcher’s knife would so easily do the trick, this beauty by Menu definitely gave me pause. At $149.95 it’s definitely not a necessity, but it sure would make a great gift (and, yes, you can buy yourself a gift). Get it here.
Wine Sabre

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German-Made Bottle Opener And Corker

Just when you thought you couldn’t add another corkscrew to your collection, something like this beautiful zinc and steel opener comes along that is both functional and elegant in its simplicity. At $29.00, this is a great piece to add to your bar cart. Read more about it here.
Bottle Opener

Spectra Carafe

You can never have enough carafes. They’re the perfect accessory for entertaining as they can hold almost any beverage you desire, although our preference here at VinePair is obviously wine. These carafes from Sagaform come in blue or pink, and at $34.95, I promise I won’t judge you if you have to have one of each. You can buy them here.
Spectra Carafe

Ladies Who Lunch Wine Stoppers

If I had the space, I would own every single wine stopper imm Living has to offer. This particular set (and the stopper below it) are just the latest ones to have my heart. The Ladies Who Lunch series will set you back $22.00 a pop. Check them out here.
Ladies Who Lunch Wine Stoppers

The Little Helpers Gnome Ceramic Wine Stopper

As a gal who sometimes goes by the nickname of “Nome,” it’s no surprise that this stopper already has a leg up from the rest of the imm Living collection in my eyes. But the addition of the shiny blue hat really sealed the deal. Get this little guy right here for $25.00
Gnome Wine Stopper

Wine Bottle Candleholder

I’m cheating with this one. I know it’s not actually a wine accessory, but given its wine bottle shape, it was too pretty to not add to the list of 2015 cravings. I can already see it at the center of my dining room table… This candleholder can be yours for $30.00 here.
Wine Bottle Candle Holder

Mulled Wine Set

Given the cold winter we clearly have ahead of us, it would probably be worth your while to add this mulled wine set to the cabinet. This set is $40.00, but you may want to consider adding the Mulled Wine Pot With Heater for $39.95 to your cart as well.
Mulled Wine Set


As with several of these items, the nice thing about the Bolder is that it’s multi-functional and can serve as an ice bucket or a vase. This piece sells for £120.00 here.

Wine Art Print

As noted earlier, we’re in for a long winter ahead of us, and this print seems like the perfect way to add a pop of brightness to your home. You can buy it for $29.00 here.
Wine Art Print

Zinc Wine Carrier

This vintage wine carrier is great for picnics, but it would also look great in your living room. Not to mention that I’m sure you can dream up plenty of uses for it other than wine (although, why would you?). Buy it here for €75.00.
Wine Carrier

Glasses From Sonny Design

Yes, yes, I know we’re constantly telling you that you don’t need more than one kind of wine glass, and yet I’m constantly sharing wine glasses. Sometimes it’s more important to focus on what you want, though, rather than what you need. These guys sell for $24.00-$76.00 a glass here.
Glass Sonny Design

Stelton Frosted Carafe

As I said earlier, you can never have too many carafes. For $38.00 this pretty little thing can be yours. Get it here.
Stelton Carafe

Wine List Tea Towel

What’s another thing you can never have too many of? Tea towels. Plus, it’s always fun to keep a few sets around to give as hostess gifts. The Wine List Tea Towel sells for $28.00 here.
Wine List Tea Towel

Iittala Ultima Thule Wine Glass

While these feel a bit extravagant, it’s fun to keep a few glasses around to bring out for particularly special occasions. These feel like those kind of glasses. Not only a great drinking vessel, but a conversation piece to boot. You can buy a set of 2 for $40.00 here.
Iittala UltimaThule Wine Glass