Independence Day is just around the corner, and while celebrating with baseball and a barbecue is nice, this July 4th, step up your Amerigame by engaging in the United State’s real favorite pastime: drinking! You can crack open a six-pack of session beers, whip up some frozen wine desserts, or try your hand at one of these fantastic all-American cocktails. And should you decide to serve beer, frozen desserts and one of these cocktails, we definitely want to be invited to your July 4th party!

1. Red, White And Blue Cocktail by The Almond Eater

This is a red, white and blue cocktail

2. 4th Of July Super Slushies by Tablespoon

These are super slushies3. Red, White, And Blue Pina Colada by Grill Girl

This is a red, white and blue pina colada

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4. 4th Of July Firework Cocktail Recipe by I Am Not The Babysitter

This is the firework cocktail recipe

5. Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters by Sprinkle Bakes

These are patriotic panna cotta shooters 6. The Firecracker by Martha Stewart

This is a firecracker cocktail

7. Summery Berry Sangria by The Kitchn

This is American berry sangria8. Red And Blue Pop Rocks Patriotic Drink by Celebrations

This is an American pop rock shooter9. Campari Basil Mojito by Set The Table

This is a Campari basil mojito10. 4th Of July Champagne Cocktail by Health

This is a 4th of July Champagne cocktail

11. American Sweetheart Cocktail by Eat. Drink. Repeat.

This is an American Sweetheart cocktail12. Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop Drink by Simply Fresh Cooking

This is a frozen boozy bomb

13. Red, White And Blue Margarita by Babble

This is a 4th of July margarita

14. Firecracker Punch by Betty Crocker

This is firecracker punch15. American Beauty Cocktail by Science Of DrinkThis is an American Beauty cocktail