A glass of wine on its own is delicious enough, but incorporating wine into a sinful, indulgent dessert? That’s heaven in a glass (or a bowl, or on a stick). We hope you arrived thirsty, because after you read this list, you’ll be heading straight for the kitchen…

1. Fig & Clementine Port Poptails, By Endless Simmer

These are fig and clementine port popsicles

2. Plum & Red Wine Sorbet, By Royal Coconut

These are plum and red wine popsicles

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3. Peach, Moscato, & Raspberry Pops, By The Design Files

These are peach, raspberry, and Moscato popsicles

4. Red Wine Ice Cream, By Stella Rosa

This is red wine ice cream

5. White Sangria Pops, By Confections Of A Foodie Bride

These are white sangria pops

6. Fruity Wine Popsicles, By I Spy DIYThese are fruity wine popsicles

7. Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles, By Pastry Affair

These are roasted strawberry red wine popsicles

8. Red Wine Ice Cream Floats, By Mind Over Batter

This is a red wine ice cream float

9. Apricot Sauvignon Blanc Popsicle, By Marcus Samuelsson

This is an apricot Sauvignon Blanc popsicle

10. Blackberry Pinot Noir Pop & Peach Pop, By The Kitchn

This is a Pinot Noir blackberry pop

11. Red Sangria Popsicles, By betsylife

These are sangria popsicles

12. Red Wine Fudgesicles by A Beautiful Mess

These are red wine fudgsicles

13. Papaya Breeze Poptails By the view from great island

These are papaya breeze poptails

14. Chardonnay And Grapefruit Snow Cone, By I Can Cook That

This is a Chardonnay and grapefruit snow cone

15. Clos du Bois Rouge Snow Cone Recipe, By OKMagazine

These are boozy snow cones

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