Reviewed on 01-30-2019
Rating A-
Style Imperial Stout
Produced In Greeley, Colo.
United States
ABV 10.1%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Asian Food, Cold Weather Hibernation, Date Night

The Full Review

Pastry stout skeptics should familiarize themselves with Wiley Roots' "Monstah" series which, in spite of their candy-like decadence, are surprisingly balanced and easy to drink. Salted Caramel Monstah, released in January 2019, pours dark and oily with a thin layer of head the color of burnt sugar. On the nose, it's metallic and earthy, with notes of tree bark, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and vanilla bean popping up as the head diminishes. Generous amounts of caramel may have been added to this stout — and it's chocolate flavors certainly aren't hiding — but its body is lighter than you might expect, with fine carbonation and bitterness that builds with each sip. (Think mocha latte versus thick, creamy hot chocolate.) Enjoyed cold, this beer's high alcohol content may not announce itself at first, but a warming sensation in the chest and cheeks should eventually clue you in. Pair with a salted brownie to go full-on "monstah," or try a sweet-salty Asian dish like Pad Thai to coax out the dish's peanut notes.