Reviewed on 03-01-2019
Rating A-
Produced In Downingtown, Pa.
United States
ABV 6.8%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Boozy Beach Trips, Brunch Sipping, Pizza Night

The Full Review

Candied orange, grapefruit, and peach aromas jump from the glass of this cloudy golden IPA. The can's claims of "hazy" and "juicy" are true, yet set apart from typical iterations of the style. Victory's Cloud Walker is bright, juicy, and citrusy, and indeed near opaque, but isn't cumbersome or sweet like more extreme New England-style IPAs — even with the addition of lactose, and dry-hopping with Citra and Mosaic hops. A bitter note on the finish balances out the fruit character. The only thing taking away from this beer's refreshing, crushable finish is its booziness — a bit of alcohol heat hides beneath the otherwise crisp finish.