Reviewed on 02-04-2019
Rating B+
Style Red
Vintage 2017
ABV 14%
Price $13.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Impressing On A Budget, Last Minute Wine Runs, Party Wine

Drink If You Like

Malbec, Merlot , Pinot Noir

The Full Review

Malbec at this price doesn’t often have balance or a varied aroma profile but under that screw cap The Seeker is speaking! The alcohol is a bit high, but you wouldn’t know it, as it is tightly woven into the wine allowing the acidity to brighten up the aromas of cherry, blackberry fruit and shaved coconut along with the savory tones of black olive and earth (like dirt but awesome -  actually dirt is awesome - so dirt). This is one of those ultimate party wines that everyone will like and it may turn some heads when they taste that savory goodness and are told it’s Malbec.