Review: Samuel Adams Utopias

Samuel Adams Utopias
Rating A-
Style Barley Wine
Produced In United States
Vintage 2017
ABV 28%
Availability Limited


Sometimes you get your hands on a beer that doesn’t taste like beer. Sometimes it’s 28 percent alcohol by volume and not shipped or sold to 15 states. If that’s the case, then you’re drinking Samuel Adams Utopias. It’s a beer unlike other beer. The flavor is unlike anything you’ve tried. It’s boozy, low in carbonation, and tastes like a Tawny port. Prune and plum aromas fill the room as soon as the bottle opens. It’s warming and filling like a fortified wine, but it's stronger than a fortified wine. Yet the alcohol stays well hidden behind the big body and ripe fruit flavors. It’s a must try, but not something that you’ll want multiple glasses of. This is one to drink for the experience, and to share that experience with others.

Highlights: Samuel Adams Utopias

Perfect For Cold Weather Hibernation, Long-Term Aging, Treat Yo'self, Winning Over the Boss
Tastes Like Madeira
Reviewed 11-09-2017

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