Reviewed on 07-23-2018
Rating A-
Style Red
Vintage 2017
ABV 13.5%
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Chilled Red Cravings, Feeling Natural, Wine Geeks

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The Full Review

Justin Dutraive is the son of Jean-Louis Dutraive, one of the most lauded winemakers in Beaujolais' village of Fleurie. In 2015, Justin acquired several small vineyard parcels and began his own wine label. While his vineyard sites are less distinguished terroir than his father's iconic Clos de la Grand Cour vineyard, his organic farming techniques and minimalist winemaking approach yielded wines with tremendous energy and balance. The 'Les Tours' bottling is from an old-vine vineyard site in the village of Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne and has aromas reminiscent of raspberries picked fresh off of the vine, with hints of lavender, chalk, and dark chocolate. The texture is exceptionally light, fresh and vibrant, with a very long finish, especially for a wine so light in body. This wine is a must for any fan of Beaujolais, and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a light and vibrant red. Serve with a very slight chill.