Reviewed on 01-22-2019
Rating B
Style White
Vintage 2016
Willamette Valley
ABV 13.5%
Price $63.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner With The Parents, Sipping Without Food, Taco Tuesday

Drink If You Like

Chardonnay, Pinot Gris / Grigio , Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc)

The Full Review

This wine is the definition of refreshing. It has a lean, angular verve to it, with a calm depth from the slightest of malo. Everything is in it’s right place on the palate. It’s the nose though that confuses me. For a wine from a single vineyard, and at a $63 price tag, I was hoping for more. If you drink this wine you will be content; you will be excited by the cleanliness as it washes down lighter fare such as salads and fish dishes. It's just too bad it doesn’t give you aromas to remember it by.