Reviewed on 05-20-2020
Rating B
Style Red
Vintage 2017
Central Valley
ABV 15%
Price $25.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Host/Hostess Gifting, Sipping Without Food

Drink If You Like

Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec , Tannat

The Full Review

Everything is here. All the boxes have been ticked. This is a California Cab. It has all the things you want, and no more. Full bodied, check, rich blackberry vibes on the nose, check, very high alcohol that tingles your nose hairs, check. This bottle is a big’un and is under $30, so if you dig this kind of intensity, you can’t go wrong. It’s tough to pair this kind of punch with food, but the wine would definitely jive with some BBQ.