Reviewed on 03-24-2020
Rating A-
Style White
Vintage 2018
San Luis Obispo County
Central Coast
ABV 14.1%
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Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Host/Hostess Gifting, Wine And Cheese Night

Drink If You Like

Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc , Friulano

The Full Review

This is oaky Cali Chard with harmony. If you dig that rich vanilla and butter style of this grape, then this is your bottle. But the difference here is that all those intense characteristics are kept in absolute check by crazy vibrant acidity. It’s a great bottle for a light afternoon lunch with some homemade chicken salad sandwiches and a cheese plate, or even a sunset get together with roasted chicken and some grilled veggies sprinkled with sea salt and some cumin.