Reviewed on 01-22-2019
Rating A
Style White
Vintage 2017
Loire Valley
ABV 13%
Price $15.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Impressing On A Budget, Sipping Without Food, Wine And Cheese Night

Drink If You Like

Chenin Blanc, Garganega , Pinot Gris / Grigio

The Full Review

From the chalky soils of Anjou in the Loire Valley comes this beautiful white wine from Mary Taylor’s short, focused portfolio. I have not had all of her wines yet, but can’t wait to taste more. At $15 this wine has more going on than that price tag would suggest. Clean, vibrant pear fruit with the leanest of minerality and a nice waft of creamy spearmint. Share this wine with friends, pair it with salads, fish and lean meats. Either way, just go and buy a few bottles to have lying around and watch the smiles of your guests faces after their first sip.