Reviewed on 01-11-2019
Rating A
Style White
Vintage 2017
San Luis Obispo County
Central Coast
ABV 14.5%
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Perfect For

Asian Food, Treat Yo'self, Winter White Wine Drinking

Drink If You Like

Moschofilero, Riesling , Viognier

The Full Review

J. Lohr makes a lot of wine. So much that consistency is an issue in the quality department at times. But Kristen Barnhisel being involved in this wine makes it a hit, not a miss. Yeah it’s a bit pricey for a white wine, but if you are on the fence with this grape the Gesture is a great intro. Calm and elegant with a beautiful balance of coconut, lemon curd and mandarin orange prancing around a broad palate that coats and releases with ease on the finish. Despite the high alcohol this wine is a joy to drink, and everything is in its right place. You can pair this wine with Asian fare or anything with some heat or just sip and enjoy on its own.