Reviewed on 02-14-2019
Rating A
Style Red
Vintage 2010
ABV 13%
Price $105.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Host/Hostess Gifting, Steak Dinner, Treat Yo'self

Drink If You Like

Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec , Merlot

The Full Review

There is a dark, soulful, medium depth to this wine that lays on the palate like crushed velvet. It has beautiful balance due to great acidity and glorious low alcohol. The nose is haunting, with notes of cassis and cured meat along with hints of licorice and cola. These aromas carry through to the palate adding layers of dark plum fruit and a raisinated note with tannin so well integrated into the wine you won’t even know it’s there. The finish is a bit short, but what you experience along the way is worth it. The only thing is the price. The wine clocks in at over $100 and is ready to drink now, so buying and laying down doesn’t make sense. This is an excellent example of how elegant and brooding this grape can be but you gotta be ready to shell out some dough.