Did You Know a Colored Wine Glass Can Change a Wine’s Taste?

Today, colored wine glasses have become more and more popular. And in some ways, we totally get it. Toting your favorite Chardonnay in a muted rose-colored glass is an easy way to brighten any happy hour, and serving Pinot Noir in purple stemware is a serious flex. However, with so many diligent oenophiles in our readership, we couldn’t help but wonder: Does Colored Glass Change Your Wine’s Taste?

Of course, this question ‘stems’ from a much larger debate that surrounds the question of whether the shape of your glass can affect how your wine ultimately tastes. At this point, it’s clear that yes, a wider bowl or tapered nose can dramatically change how your wine blooms before you taste it and the right glassware can funnel those aromas right up to your nose.

That said, the shape of your glass will alter the wine’s taste, aroma, and texture because of its ability to deliver those notes in the first place. If you pour your wine into a Mason jar you may miss some of the nuances you would find if you used a glass specially designed for swirling or even pointing your wine onto a certain part of your palate.

When it comes to the ‘color’ of your glass, sipping from any other shade than pure ‘crystal-clear’ will change your wine’s presentation. In this way, if the color of your glass deepens your wine’s pink to dark red your brain may trick you into tasting the flavors you usually find in a deeper, age-worthy wine in your favorite light rosé. Of course, the change will be made purely psychologically, but studies have found that humans are often influenced by a wine’s color and will perceive different tasting notes in a white wine after it’s been dyed red.

However, romantics like Pablo Neruda loved what colored glass could do to a wine’s taste, and kept his beach house stocked with rainbow shelves of different colored glassware.

The best colored wine glass

For casual, social tastings we’re always happy to break out some fun stemware and these soft rose-colored glasses are the perfect conversation starter.

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