The 11 Best Wine Glasses for Rosé

While plenty of experts are ready to wax poetic about red or white wine, when it comes to rosé, few are half as eager to share strong feelings. Despite its rampant spring time popularity, rosé has made a name for itself as a ‘playful’ wine, so many wine lovers don’t feel the need to research a Pinot Noir rosé as much as they would a meaty, red wine from the same ancient vines.

But for the true fans who want to learn more about this interesting style of wine, we hear you! The unique style of wine deserves much more attention, and every diligent oenophile should take the time to research the best rosé glassware before diving in for a sip.

Much like the most popular ‘orange wines’ rosé gets its color from skin contact. After its grapes — whether red or white — are juiced, the skins are added back to the wine and allowed to soak for no more than a few days. This lends color and tannin to the wine, but also keeps the liquid from turning any shade darker than a deep pink.

That said, because rosé exists in a category of its own, many search for the best wine glass for rosé in all the wrong places. Instead of trying to bend the same strengths out of your favorite red or white wine glass, it’s important to find the best rosé glassware you can trust for all your favorite springtime wines, without sacrificing tasting notes.

VinePair tastings director Keith Beavers notes that “rosé is seasonal mostly and playful,” and can be tasted from a stem or stemless glass. But still wine should never be served in a Prosecco glass or flute (sorry Mimosa squad). The optimal serve will also vary depending on the age, style, or brand of rosé so we’ve laid out the best wine glass for rosé in each situation.

Of course, we’ve also included the best rosé glassware for smaller budgets and viral influencers alike, so whatever your motive, check out every rosé glass you could possibly need from our list below.

The 11 Best Wine Glasses for Rosé

Read on for details about all the recommended glasses below!

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Rosé Experts

Spiegelau Rosé Glass (Set of 4)

The best wine glass for rosé as chosen by experts.

First things first, let’s satisfy the wine lovers carefully searching for the best of the best rosé glassware. We love this set of Spiegelau crystal wine glasses because they were specially crafted for rosé, with the widest part of the glass hitting the lower middle of the bowl rather than the base. This allows the liquid to bloom when swirled without settling, and pushes the wine’s aromas up to the top of the glass.

Made with lead-free crystal in Germany, these luxurious glasses are also miraculously unfussy, and dishwasher safe. Each comfortably holds up to 17 ounces, making them perfect for a standard — or very, very generous — pour.

Price: 4 for $45

The Best Stemless Wine Glass for Rosé

Le Creuset Tumblers (Set of 4)

The best stemless glass for rosé.
Credit: Le Creuset

While some may disagree, the best rosé wine glass does not necessarily require a stem. What a stem can do for your wine is simply keep your hands farther from the liquid, and thus prevent the wine from growing too warm. That said, you can still taste through your favorite rosé in tumblers, and going stem-less can mean better durability or accessibility in the long run.

Case in point: These Le Creuset Tumblers are a super easy, reliably elegant way to serve any seasonal rosé. The glasses echo the shape of the previous Spiegelau glassware (with their widest point near but not quite at the glass’s base) and provide the same telltale shape for swirling your favorite wine. Best of all, they’re currently marked down nearly 50 percent and come with a five-year warranty to provide true “to stem, or not to stem” peace of mind.

Price: 4 for $49

The Best Universal Wine Glass for Rosé

Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 4)

The best universal wine glass for rosé

It’s true, sometimes a universal wine glass is the best wine glass for rosé. Finding one truly universal glass is a miracle in itself, which is why we continue to rely on these trusted Spiegelau glasses. Armed with these lead-free crystal glasses you’ll be prepared for whatever wine your family brings home, whether it’s a bone-dry Riesling, an herbaceous Cab Franc, or of course a sunny rosé.

Each set comes with four dishwasher-safe glasses that are carefully made in Germany, where Spiegelau’s team of experts perfected a universal shape for broad wine tasting. The bowl’s shape creates an optimal environment for aeration, and for years the glasses have retained a full five-star rating in the VinePair store.

Price: 4 for $45

The Best Cheap Rosé Wine Glass

SALT™ White Wine Glasses (Set of 12)

The Best cheap wine glass for rosé.
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re looking for a dozen event glasses, or to quickly furnish an apartment, these glasses are a deal worth exploring. While the world of “Big Glass” often lists even larger sets with similar price tags, these classic wine glasses are made with slightly thicker glass for better durability, remain dishwasher safe, and retain one of the highest ratings on the entire Bed Bath & Beyond site.

For these reasons the price is unbeatable, and though geared for a slightly smaller serve, these wine glasses will work especially well with young rosés because of the tapered bowl. Of course if you’re looking to shell out a little more for a truly indestructible set, Food52 also offers these shatterproof, stackable wine glasses at $32 for a set of six.

Price: 12 for $9.99

The Best Rosé Wine Glass Made With Recycled Glass

Recycled Wine Bottle Tumblers (Set of 4)

The Best rosé wine glass made with recycled glass.

There’s nothing like enjoying a glass of wine with some sustainable, eco-friendly peace of mind. Plus, these tumblers can double as water, beer, or cocktail glasses making them extremely versatile — yet still dishwasher safe. Each glass is made from recycled wine bottles and arrives in a set of four.

These tumblers are a favorite of VinePair tasting’s director Keith Beavers, who noted they deserved a place on our list of best rosé glassware. They make a great gift for any sustainable wine lover and may even tempt the most jaded, pink-wine fearing oenophiles. Just make sure to recycle your old wine bottles so they too can have a chance at becoming the best wine glass for rosé.

Price: 4 for $55

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Social Media Posts

fferone Tulip Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Social Media Posting.
Credit: Food 52

Posting a pink glass of rosé in the golden hour is nothing short of an art form. To perfect your approach, you’ll need a glass that’s not only insta-worthy, but frankly jealousy-inducing. These beautiful, tulip glasses from fferone have been popping up across every platform and are a great way to serve your favorite cocktails or rosé.

Each piece is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech republic — without a mold. So not only is each piece truly unique, but the large bowl makes them perfect for full bodied rosé.

However, if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option, might we suggest these waterfall wine glasses from Anthropologie? At just $16 each, these pink toned glasses apply their own filter to your wine, and feature a 24K gold-rimmed lip.

Price: 2 for $160-180

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Sparkling Rosé

Mark Thomas Selection Sparkling

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Sparkling Rosé.
Credit: Mark Thomas USA

Today, sparkling rosé is everywhere, but many struggle to find the best rosé glassware for this style. To really savor these fruit-driven, salt or mineral-laced wines you need to find a fairly wide flute that will preserve your wine’s effervescence. For this reason, we prefer these special Mark Thomas flutes which comfortably hold up to 10 ounces (standard flutes hold seven).

If you haven’t heard of Mark Thomas, listen up. The glassware team creates hand blown, lead-free crystal glasses with a nod to classic European techniques. Each set is a foolproof way to impress even the toughest wine crowd, and makes a stunning gift for your closest friends and family. So the next time someone scoffs at your favorite pink sparkler, hand them one of these flutes, and let your glassware do the talking.

Price: 2 for $100

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Young Rosé

Schott Zwiesel Ultimate Rosé Glasses (Set of 4)

The Best wine glass for young rosé.
Credit: Sur La Table

Truthfully, most rosé is in fact young rosé, because the wine is so seasonal. As soon as the weather warms, producers release rosés made with the first grapes of the season. The goal for these wines is to craft something lively, fruity, and fresh with high acid and agreeable tannins.

That said, to give the youngest versions of these wines their due respect, you’ll want to find the best wine glass for rosé tasting. We love this set because the flared lip points the wine right to the tip of your tongue, where your taste buds are the most sensitive to sweetness. This helps concentrate the rosé’s flavors and minimizes any bite from bright acid.

These glasses are also made with extra-durable Tritan Crystal, and feature effervescent points etched into the base of the glass to extend the lifespan of any bubbles. All in all, these are some of the best tasting glasses you can find for rosé, and a steal at this price.

Price: 4 for $48

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Mature Rosé

Schott Zwiesel Note White Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

The Best Wine Glass for Mature Rosé.
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re looking for an age-worthy rosé, try to find a wine made with Mourvèdre, with bonus points for anything coming out of Bandol (a famous appellation in Provence). These wines contain powerful tannins, rich fruit, minerality, and even gaminess, but as Emily Bell writes for VinePair, aging “tends to soften tannins and uncurl these flavors.”

That said, mature rosé will often arrive with a fuller body, and you’ll want a wide round bowl for tasting. This set from Schott Zwiesel also features a tapered rim that will push any aromas to the top of the glass, and a long stem to keep your wine cool. Made of crystal and dishwasher safe, this set is certainly the best rosé glassware for any age-worthy wine.

Price: 6 for $83.99

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Millennial Dinner Parties

Terrain Bloom Wine Glass

The best rosé wine glass for millennial dinner parties.
Credit: Terrain

When it comes to hosting the perfect dinner party, millennials live by their own rules. A carefully arranged vase of filler flowers sets the tone for anything from Saag Paneer to Papa John’s, and these glasses are the perfect way to tie the night together. Made with blown glass and available in a range of different colors, these glasses make every rosé pour all the more cheerful, and can help revamp that bottle you just keep going back to.

While the war on clear vs. colored glass wages on, true wine pros know that the color of your glass isn’t going to affect your drink’s flavor. Instead, it’s an easy way to regift your favorite wine back to yourself in a new serve, and keep your guests entertained. For this reason, if these glasses bring you joy feel free to enjoy it! At the end of the day, the best rosé glassware is always that which heightens your favorite parts of serving.

Price: 1 for $20

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Formal Entertaining

Schott Zwiesel Air Soft-Bodied White Wine Glasses

The Best Rosé Wine Glass for Formal Entertaining.
Credit: Sur La Table

Every host knows that there are some parties you really, really need to plan for. When these events arrive, you’ll want to ensure you have the proper glassware because serving rosé in a Bordeaux glass isn’t going to cut it. Instead, look to these Schott Zwiesel glasses, designed specifically for soft-bodied wines, and thus great for serving rosé.

Each glass is made with the brand’s exclusive Tritan Crystal, and laced with Titanium and Zirconium for superior durability. The large tall bowl will give your guests plenty of room to swirl even the most generous pour, and every aroma will funnel straight up to the top of the tapered glass. So if you’re in the market for an extra touch of elegance, this set is the best rosé glassware for you.

Price: 6 for $108