The Best Mugs For Surviving The Cold

When the weather outside is frightful, we head straight for the kitchen to whip up a warm beverage. Not only is the warm liquid inside useful for beating the chill, but a cheerful mug is a quick and simple way to add some delight to the day. Here are the best mugs for surviving the cold.

Cat Mug

Best Cat Mugs

If you’re feline like a warm beverage, this is the purrfect mug for you. Crafted from ceramic with metallic finishing, it comes in white, black, and leopard (if you’re a groovy jungle cat) and holds 12 oz of your favorite liquid. For the stylish cat lover, make sure to nab this mug right meow!

Porter Travel Mug

Best Travel Coffee Mug

Meet our new favorite mug! This Porter Travel Mug keeps our morning pick-me-ups at the perfect temperature. It comes in two sizes and is one of the most stylish pieces in our kitchen to enjoy a latte, chai, or heck, even a sensible Irish Coffee. Trust us, after using one of these, you’ll never use a cheap travel mug again.

Ceramic Infuser Mug

Best Ceramic Infusing Mug

If your ideal day includes a cup of loose leaf tea, meet your new favorite mug. Coming in two whimsical, colorful designs, each ceramic mug includes a stainless steel infuser and a bamboo lid that doubles as a coaster. Your sencha, Darjeeling, oolong, and pu-erh will all be even more enjoyable in this lovely vessel.

Black Lash Mug

For lovers of glitz and glam comes the ceramic Black Lash Mug, with beautiful metallic gold detailing. If your caffeine routine has felt a bit drab lately, this is the mug to make things feel alive again.

Speckled Ceramic Mug

Or perhaps you’re more a fan of abstract art and gentle pastels. This lovely ceramic mug comes in pink, blue, and green, each with eye-catching metallic speckles. It holds 14 oz of liquid, meaning your XL cup of caffeine that you need to be able to face the day will fit comfortably inside this beauty.

Winter Warmer Cocktail Mug

Do you often wish you were sipping a hot toddy with Cary Grant? The Winter Warmer Cocktail Mug brings those glam retro vibes and a striking gold plated finish to the glass and stainless steel construction. Each mug holds 12 oz. and is perfect for your favorite warm winter cocktails—think hot toddies, hot buttered rum, mulled wine, and more. Even if you’re drinking solo, it’s automatically a party when these mugs are in use.