We’re on the brink of a frigid winter season, and that means icy cold drinks aren’t what we’re craving anymore. Instead, we’d like our booze mixed with delicious and steamy, spicy ingredients. When we think of toasty seasonal drinks, the Hot Toddy usually comes to mind, but there’s so much more to the world of cocktails served hot. Here are seven of our favorite winter cocktail recipes, guaranteed to warm you to your core.

This Spruced-Up Hot Buttered Rum Recipe By Creative Culinary:


This Flavorful Hot Spiced Wine By Leites Culinaria:


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This Sinful Kahlua Hot Chocolate By Damn Delicious:


This Classic Bishop By Epicurious:


This Minty Winter Julep By Imbibe:


This Irrestistible White Chocolate Steamer By Brown Eyed Baker


This Spiced Vanilla Pear Cider By My Baking Addiction: