Three Ways You’re Drinking Scotch Wrong. And One Easy Fix!

While we would argue there’s no wrong time to do a little Scotch drinking, there is a wrong way to taste it. Most Scotches spend years coming to life in oak casks, readying themselves until the perfect moment for you to enjoy them. Don’t miss out on the full experience by taking a wonton shot at the bar, or, god forbid, dumping in a subpar mixer.

Using The Wrong Glassware

While a standard rocks glass might be convenient, you should focus on glassware that will enhance the experience. A set of two crystal Scotch glasses will only set you back $25, a smart investment given how much you’re likely to spend on a solid single malt. The angled sides and a curved bottom make Scotch glasses ideal for picking up the aromas of what you’re sipping.

Best scotch tasting glasses

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Using Too Much Ice

Once you’ve got your glassware game on point, using too much ice completely masks the flavors and aromas your Scotch glass is trying to amplify. A few drops of water are all you need to experience the spirit’s multiple dimensions.

Using The Wrong Mixers

We prefer our drams neat, but any Scottish bartender will tell you that Scotch cocktails are becoming more and more popular. Skip the mixers from your college days and learn more towards higher quality bitters and vermouths to create smoky twists on classics such as the ManhattanBoulevardier, or even a Mint Julep.

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