Bersao Berola

Garnacha from Spain is one of the best monetary values that you’ll find on your wine store shelf, especially if you’re someone who’s after jammy fruit and a good amount of oak. It’s the type of wine that’s perfect in winter, not too heavy, but still luscious and warming.

One of the best examples of this style of wine is Borsao Berola. Borsao is one of those producers we’ve come to rely on for great quality and deliciousness – especially when you take into account the price – and this wine is a fantastic example of that. A blend of majority Garnacha with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah added into the mix, the wine gives off aromas of plums, prunes, vanilla and coconut. On the palate the tannins are grippy but not aggressive and the dark fruit flavors are present. At the end, you’re left with the faint flavor of cranberries. It’s a nice touch of acidity that helps keep the wine from being too heavy, and makes you to want to revisit the glass for another sip.

This is a wine that would go well with heartier winter fare such as stews and chilis – including vegetarian versions – as well as braises and roasts.

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