It started to rain here in New York right around lunchtime yesterday, and when that happens most people turn to Seamless. I always have a pang of guilt about sending a delivery person outside during a heavy downpour. But it seems to be a good deal for them – as demand rises, they’re hopefully warmed by additional tips, if not by the cold rain.

Ordering takeout in this type of weather usually means Chinese, Thai or Indian, and for that, one of the most ideal wines around is Gewürztraminer. A white wine born in the Alsace region of France, this wine smells identical to lychee fruit. The wine actually shares the same aroma compounds as the exotic fruit – throw that little factoid out at your next tasting. And these flavors, and the wine’s slight sweetness, make it perfect for asian takeout. Although most Gewürtztraminers are perfectly delicious on their own, they really sing when paired with spice.

Gundlach Bundschu is one of the most famous producers in California, and their Gewürztraminer is a great representation of the varietal. The lychee flavor and aroma is ever-present, but also in the glass are aromas of grapefruit mixed with a bit of spice. The wine is medium-bodied, and while there’s a sweetness on the palate, it’s also very dry. Most importantly there is a very nice hint of ginger flavor on the finish, making this wine ideal for the asian takeout that’s on its way. So have a few bottles on hand for the next rainy day.

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