It’s a problem many of us have run into — that standard, 750-milliliter bottle of wine not going quite far enough when more than a few people are enjoying it. Well, a winery in Argentina has found a way to solve the problem and has made it a cornerstone of its brand.

Funckenhausen Vineyards in the San Rafael appellation of Mendoza bottles its “Funckenhausen”-labeled wines exclusively in liter bottles. The rationale is explained in a logo on the bottom corner of the label: “Because to share you need more than 750.”

With that in mind, Funckenhausen’s 2018 Malbec Blend is one of the top wine values from South America, and would still be even without the larger-sized bottle — an exceptional $15 bargain in a sea of inexpensive Malbecs that flood the market.

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Funckenhausen Vineyards Malbec Blend 2018, Mendoza, Argentina is a good wine you can find

The blend is key. The wine, made from estate-grown fruit, is 60 percent Malbec, 15 percent Bonarda, and 25 percent Syrah, making it more interesting and complex than many budget Malbecs.

Aromas and tastes of crushed red fruit — raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate — are punctuated by hints of red licorice and cinnamon, all framed by a modest oak treatment and refreshing acidity.

This is a great everyday wine, one that will pair with just about everything and will make you marvel at the quality and all the wine you get for the price. Funckenhausen also produces a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a dry rosé, all bottled in the larger format. “We just liked that it was estate fruit and one liter,” says Larry Challacombe, whose Global Vineyard Importers brings the wines into the United States. “[It’s] a point of difference in a real positive way.”

And about that name: It turns out that Funckenhausen was started by descendants of the Funcke family — immigrants from none other than Funckenhausen, Germany — who arrived in Mendoza in the late 1800s. As you can see on the label, the slightly funky name certainly makes the bottle stand out.

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