For me, Bordeaux holds an important place in the category of good wines for everyday drinking. I’m not talking about the storied “classified” wines that give Bordeaux its reputation as the world’s most famous wine region, or even wines that are down a notch or two from Mouton Rothschild, Lynch-Bages, and the like.

I’m talking about an ocean of “lesser” Bordeaux bottles, red and white, in the $10 to $15 range that find their way into just about every wine store and supermarket in America.

Château Roc de Levraut 2017, Bordeaux Supérieur, France

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These wines have too often been overlooked in recent years. Perhaps it’s the confusing language of the labels — many still do not give any indication of what grapes are in the blends; or perhaps it’s a feeling among millennials and others that they don’t want to drink their parents’ (or grandparents’) wine.

This is a mistake, as I am reminded time and again when I grab a bottle or two of relatively inexpensive Bordeaux. They might not be your wines of choice for special occasions, but they are often more complex and interesting than wines from other regions at similar prices.

A case in point is Château Roc de Levraut’s 2017 Bordeaux Supérieur, which has become one of our “house wines” after we found it for just $7.99 at a local market, a dollar or two less than the listings on Wine-Searcher.

This Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot blend is typical of wines from the broad Bordeaux Supérieur appellation, with aromas and tastes of ripe blackberry, tart cherry, and leather, plus a touch of dark chocolate on the finish. Subtle oak and bright acidity make this an excellent food wine for everything from chicken and meat dishes to pizza.

Like many Bordeaux, the price belies the quality and complexity. It’s the type of wine you’ll find yourself going back to time and again, which is what these young, inexpensive, easy-drinking Bordeaux are all about.

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