As anyone renting an apartment in Manhattan or San Francisco can attest, real estate prices skyrocket when space is scarce. The prized soils of Bordeaux produce beautiful wines and, in some cases, extraordinarily high land prices.

We analyzed data from the American Association of Wine Economists to create this map of the most expensive vineyards in France’s famed wine region. Pauillac leads the pack with an average price of €2 million per hectare. (One hectare is approximately 10,000 square meters, or 2.5 acres.) Pomerol averages €1.5 million a hectare, and Margaux clocks in at €1.2 million.

Apparently, these prices are not prohibitive to all buyers: In 2017, vineyard transactions in France reportedly reached a 25-year high.

By means of comparison, purchasing land in California’s Napa Valley might start at $500,000 an acre. At press time, that’s equivalent to €442,000 per acre, or €1.1 million per hectare.

Here are the most expensive vineyards in Bordeaux, by land prices per hectare, in 2017.

The Most Expensive Vineyards in Bordeaux (Infographic)