Boom Boom Syrah

Everyone needs an easily accessible, affordable, simple everyday red wine lying around the house that you know will please the majority of your guests, even if they arrive at the last minute, and this Syrah is that bottle.

If you’re looking for a complex red, this isn’t it. But if you’re instead looking for a wine that is easy-drinking and will please most palates, this wine should become a new go-to.

In the glass the wine gives off a ton of ripe fruit aromas, so if you’re a fan of fruit forward wines, especially for casual weeknight sipping, this bottle is a winner.

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The wine is big and luscious, with minimal tannins and low acidity meaning this wine goes down incredibly easily – almost too easy to be honest. It would go well with almost anything you’re eating, but with a cheeseburger we think it’d be divine.

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