10 New Year’s Eve Bubbly Traditions & Sparkling Pairings Around the World

We humans are a diverse bunch, with colorful traditions that each reveal something about a given culture, time, and place. This is perhaps most beautifully illustrated on New Year’s Eve, the rare holiday that’s celebrated on nearly every continent on the same night — time zones notwithstanding, of course.

Customs for when the clock strikes midnight are varied and endlessly fascinating, whether it’s running around with a suitcase in Peru, to chowing down on marzipan doughnuts in Denmark. But no matter where you are in the world, nothing says New Year’s Eve quite like a glass of bubbly.

We like to ring in the holiday with Freixenet sparkling wines, which include the most popped Cava in the world. Founded in 1861 in the Penedés region outside Barcelona, Spain, the brand today carries the knowledge of 18 generations of winemaking and spans everything from dry brut style to the fruitier Rosé Spanish Cava.

Looking for ideas of how to welcome the new year? We recommend calling on some of the most curious rituals from around the globe — and pairing them with one of the many tempting sparkling wines in Freixenet’s globe-sprawling portfolio.

10 New Year's Eve Bubbly Traditions and Sparkling Pairings Around the World

We’re continuing to celebrate the holidays with delicious bubbly all month. Discover more holiday content here!

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