The Cocktail College Podcast: Flair Bartending

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“Professor” Jerry Thomas penned one of America’s first books devoted solely to cocktails and their creation, “Jerry Thomas’ Bar-Tenders Guide: How to Mix All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks,” and is often considered the grandfather of mixology. One of his more overlooked contributions to drinks culture, however, is the advent of “flair” bartending.

It’s a phenomenon that’s waxed and waned over the years but has always existed in some fashion, whether it be behind the stick at a TGI Friday’s, at international competitions devoted strictly to the art of the flair, or at one of Las Vegas’s premier cocktail bars. But flair bartending isn’t just bells, whistles, and bottle juggling; it’s a choreographed dance between showmanship, craftsmanship, and hospitality. As our guest today explains, “If you’re an incredible flair bartender, but you have no cocktail knowledge and no speed, you’re not a very good bartender.”

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On this episode of “Cocktail College,” we’re diving into the history, styles, community, and culture of flair bartending with Lindsay Palumbo, a certified flair bartender, instructor, and competitor who extols her trade at the Circa Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas’s Fremont Street. It’s Blue Blazers, TGI Friday’s, and a certain actor with the initials “T.C.,” and it’s all right here on “Cocktail College.” Tune in for more.

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