When you think of food and drink made in Wisconsin, your mind probably drifts to Miller Lite and everything cheesy. But there’s another fermented food product that’s an even bigger deal in the cheesehead state: Kikkoman soy sauce. Why? Because every single bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce in North America comes from Wisconsin.

Around 29 million gallons of soy sauce (around 30 percent of Kikkoman’s total soy sauce production) is naturally brewed in Walworth, Wisconsin, every year. Since opening in 1973, it has become the most productive naturally produced soy sauce plant in the entire world.

So yes, the 7.5 million gallons of beer produced at the MillerCoors facility in Milwaukee is impressive, but it’s no where near the amount of soy sauce produced. And while plenty of people love all that Wisconsin cheese has to offer, there are far more people using Kikkoman products across all of North America.

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The next time you think Wisconsin, think soy sauce. Because every time you buy Kikkoman in North America, you’re buying an American-made product.