There are around a dozen “cat islands” in Japan where there are more cats than people. On one, called Aoshima island, according to the Atlantic, cats outnumber people six to one — 22 humans to around 120 cats. It’s truly a cat’s purridise.

Aoshima is open for visitors. Take a boat out to the island and you’ll immediately see the draw of cat island. Felines cause a frenzy around the docks, shooting between people’s legs. It’s a cat’s world there, so imagine everything through the lens of the Aristicats movie. Also, Aoshima is a fishing village, so no Fancy Feast here.

The videos from the island are wild. It’s like if Time Square was on an island, and instead of people it was filled with cats. It’s like if all of the pages on the internet devoted to cats became actual cats.

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Time to book a boat pawlease. Right meow. Right this mewment. Aoshima is absolutely clawsome. You get it.