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Spiked seltzers are flooding the marketplace. Big Beer, craft breweries, and boutique labels are offering an array of trendy, low-alcohol, low-calorie drinks.

Anheuser-Busch acquired Bon & Viv (f.k.a. “SpikedSeltzer”) and Golden Road, which recently launched an agua fresca inspired line. CANarchy’s Oskar Blues, Perrin, and Squatters breweries released hard seltzer labels (Wild Basin, Clear Coast, and Grandeur Peak, respectively). Polar seltzer teamed up with Harpoon Brewery producer Mass Bay Brewing Co. to release Arctic Summer.

VinePair tasted nearly 50 spiked seltzer brands and similar beverages. (Technically, all hard seltzers are flavored malt beverages, but sugar sources can vary from actual malt to sugar cane to honey.)

Here are our impressions of 20 hard seltzers, with flavors ranging from citrus mixes to botanicals to various takes on “rosé.” Those with asterisks signify our 10 favorites.

Arctic Summer Raspberry Lime*

Arctic Summer Raspberry Lime is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Arctic Summer offered the most intense carbonation out of the sparklers we tasted. The Raspberry Lime flavor is spritzy and dry, and “actually smells like raspberries,” one panelist noted, and not artificial flavoring. Lavender, rose petal, and herbal notes followed on the nose, reminding several tasters of a spa. Price: $9.99 (6-pack)

Arctic Summer Pineapple Pomelo

Slightly sweet and acidic, Arctic Summer Pineapple Pomelo is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019this flavor has Champagne-like effervescence. “This tastes like pineapple dusted with sugar and lemon zest,” one taster said, adding, “it’s what I imagine pineapple-flavored Splenda would taste like.” (She likes Splenda.) A subtle green apple note zipped up the finish. “It’s like cheap Champagne without the headache,” one panelist concluded. Price: $17.49 (12-pack, variety)

Arctic Summer Ruby Red Grapefruit

Arctic Summer Ruby Red Grapefruit is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019“Grapefruit and flowers” jump out on the nose, followed by a highly carbonated body and dry finish. “Not much is happening flavor-wise on the palate here, but sometimes, that’s exactly what you want,” a panelist said. Price: $9.99 (6-pack)

Bon & Viv Black Cherry Rosemary*

Bon & Viv Black Cherry Rosemary is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Panelists oohed and ahhed over the aroma of this label. “The rosemary on the nose is lovely,” one taster said. This was the most balanced and “natural” seeming of the black cherry-flavored bubbles we tried. The herbal rosemary lifted the black cherry “away from cough syrup and back to earthiness,” another taster said. Price: $8.49 (6-pack)

Bon & Viv Clementine Hibiscus*

Bon & Viv Clementine Hibiscus is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019“Weed!” several tasters exclaimed at first sniff. A strong clementine aroma followed, carrying onto the palate “like clementine essence.” The hibiscus was undetectable, but we didn’t mind citrus dominating here. “It tastes like real fruit — I can almost taste the seeds.” (There are no seeds in this beverage.) Price: $14.99 (12-pack, variety)

Bon & Viv Grapefruit

Bon & Viv Grapefruit is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Bubblegum and grapefruit Fresca aromas popped on the nose, followed by a “vaguely tropical” flavor and “surprisingly dry” finish. “If you want a vodka soda, you’re in luck – this is better,” one panelist said. Another considered adding tequila “to make a boozy Paloma.” Price: $8.49 (6-pack)

Bon & Viv Lemon Lime

Bon & Viv Lemon Lime is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Although the aroma wasn’t our favorite on this one (“cheap margarita mix” and “sunscreen” came to mind), this label redeemed itself with classic lemon-lime flavor, “like Diet Sprite,” one taster said. Our tasters agreed this flavor is “most like a [regular] seltzer,” lacking artificial sweetness, in a good way. It finishes with a distinct lemon peel note. Price: $8.49 (6-pack)

Clear Coast Mango Guava*

Clear Coast Mango Guava is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Panelists enjoyed the “pleasant,” “beachy” aromas on this hard seltzer. Although mango and guava flavors were subtle at best, tasters found the slightly tart and acidic palate refreshing. A touch of yeasty, malty flavor rounds out the finish. Price: $15.99 (12-pack, variety)

Grandeur Peak Utah Cherry*

Grandeur Peak Utah Cherry is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019“This smells like a cherry pie,” one taster said. Another detected Cherry Coke, “but not as sweet or syrupy.” The summer-friendly vibes of this cherry-flavored spiked seltzer were summed up as follows: “This is like a snow cone without the sticky syrup!” Price: N/A

Grandeur Peak Grapefruit

Grandeur Peak Grapefruit is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019This variant balanced earthy flavors of “grapefruit and dirt” with tangy and sweet Sunny D and Creamsicle flavors. “It’s hard to spit this out, it’s so refreshing,” one panelist said. Price: N/A

Golden Road Spiked Agua Fresca Strawberry Pineapple*

Golden Road Spiked Agua Fresca Strawberry Pineapple is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Hazy, pulpy, and frothy, this agua-fresca-inspired boozy beverage is a great option for those looking for something sweet. Ripe strawberry and a hint of citrus reminded one taster of strawberry banana orange juice. Another imagined sipping this poolside. Price: $9.99 (6-pack)

Mighty Swell Peach*

Mighty Swell Peach is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Although the dark-yellow color of this peach-flavored seltzer is a bit unappetizing, it emerged a crowd favorite. (Our tip: Drink it from the can.) “Mouthwatering,” “juicy” peach flavors impressed panelists. “I really feel like I bit into a peach,” one panelist said, adding, “it doesn’t taste diluted or fake.” Price: $10.99 (6-pack)

Mighty Swell Watermelon Mint*

Mighty Swell Watermelon Mint is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019This melon-mint variant pours bubblegum pink. The aroma is “like someone expressed a sprig of mint in my face,” one taster said. “It’s f*cking good,” said another. Tasters appreciated the sweetness in the Mighty Swell brands overall, bringing balance to the boozy beverages. Price: $10.99 (6-pack)

Mighty Swell Grapefruit

Mighty Swell Grapefruit is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019This grapefruit-flavored treat pours a pretty pink color, “smells great,” and “tastes like diet soda,” panelists said. A quinine-like medicinal note was divisive for some tasters, but the sweet finish prevailed. “If I’m at the beach and someone hands this to me, I’ll drink it,” one skeptic concluded. Price: $10.99 (6-pack)

Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Raspberry Rosé

Smirnoff Sparkling Raspberry Rosé is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer is a far cry from the Smirnoff Ice of our early drinking days. This brand tasted more like raspberry-flavored water than a flavored malt beverage. For some tasters, it fell flat, but others appreciated its subtlety. Price: $8.99 (6-pack)

Truly Hard Seltzer Pomegranate

Truly Hard Seltzer Pomegranate is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019This was our panel’s favorite Truly flavor, thanks to its subtle flavor. Red fruit aroma and mildly fruity flavor reminded one taster of “Bai drinks, but with liquor.” “It’s how I imagine pomegranate seeds in seltzer would taste,” another noted. There’s only one way to find out. Price: $8.99 (6-pack)

Truly Hard Seltzer Wild Berry

Truly Hard Seltzer Wild Berry is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019This berry-blasted label reminded tasters of a juice box from childhood and, more specifically, “one with a made-up flavor like ‘berry blast’ or ‘ocean spray.’” The spritzy mouthfeel, however, made for a “decent” finish. Price: $8.99 (6-pack)

White Claw Hard Seltzer PURE*

White Claw PURE is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019The beauty of this White Claw variant is that “it really doesn’t taste like anything,” one taster said. The brand launched this year and aims to taste like a vodka soda. Our verdict? This pretty much nails it. “It’s a blank canvas — pick your garnish,” one panelist said. “If you like vodka sodas, you’ll like this,” another said. Price: $13.99 (12-pack)

Wild Basin Classic Lime*

Wild Basin Classic Lime is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019Panelists were excited by this option’s straightforward refreshment. Put simply, “it tastes like seltzer with lime juice in it,” one taster said. It also reminded panelists of Spindrift sparkling water with lime. Price: $16.99 (12-pack)

Wild Basin Melon Basil

Wild Basin Melon Basil is one of the best spiked seltzers of 2019A not-quite-basil, minty herbal note on the nose is followed by salty watermelon and lime in this tasty label. “Now, this is good seltzer,“ one panelist said. “This one’s my pool crusher,” said another. Price: $16.99 (12-pack)