Caffeine addicts everywhere are officially rejoicing. As it turns out, our bodies can actually handle more of our favorite stimulant than you or I or the FDA ever imagined. Originally, the Food and Drug Administration advised no more than three cups (eight ounce servings) of coffee daily; however, as of today, we can all raise *one single cup* more.

As Ladders reports, International Life Sciences Institute conducted a review based on fifteen years of caffeine data. Their conclusion? Four eight-ounce servings of coffee daily is totally fine for healthy adults, with zero harmful effects on behavior, development, or “bone status.” The site breaks down the distribution of this caffeine easily for us: four cups of brewed coffee, ten cans of soda, two energy shots, or five energy drinks. Pick your poison, because it actually isn’t poison at all.

Expecting mothers can equally celebrate this newly revealed research. Contrary to past research, it turns out that pregnant mothers can enjoy up to 300 milligrams of coffee daily. Pregnant or not, consuming more than the daily suggested quantities of caffeine can produce negative effects, including depression or anxiety.

Our solution? Coffee every few hours before 5PM, then switch to your favorite bottle of red. Now this is a routine we can get down with.

In celebration of this new research, learn how to make the perfect cup of drip coffee here. If French Press is more your style, we’ve got the answer for you. And for tea lovers, learn more about its more caffeinated cousin, Matcha.