We’re living in what can only be called a coffee renaissance. But what if you’re not into coffee? Don’t people who aren’t into coffee deserve an afternoon pick-me-up, too?

They do indeed. Introducing matcha, the answer to all of your mid-afternoon mind-awakening needs. This brightly colored beverage has been seen in the hands of celebrities, city dwellers, and, of course, on the Instagram feeds of hipsters worldwide, but what exactly is matcha? We’re breaking it down here.

This mean, green, energizing machine is chock full of nutritional antioxidants and mood-lifting caffeine, making it the perfect solution to mundane afternoons everywhere. Matcha is essentially green tea on steroids. The potent green powder is the result of finely ground, specially selected green tea leaves. As opposed to regular green tea plants, the ones destined for matcha production are grown in the shade for approximately three weeks prior to harvesting, which results in higher levels of theanine (a relaxing amino acid) and caffeine, explaining why your fix won’t leave you crashing 45 minutes later. The stems and veins of the plant are then removed and ground. The final matcha powder is then dissolved into a liquid solvent, generally milk or water.

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It’s no surprise that matcha has immediately won over the hearts of caffeine addicts, health junkies, and fitness fanatics alike. The stuff is packed with healthy antioxidants, which naturally help to detox the body. In fact, one serving of matcha contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 servings of regular green tea! It’s also rich in fiber and vitamins, including vitamin C. Matcha’s other benefits include boosting metabolism, relaxing the body, and helping lowering cholesterol. Plus, you get your jolt of necessary caffeine, making this a quick, nutrient-dense coffee alternative. Plus, the powder is nearly calorie-free, making your (skim) matcha latte guilt free. Torching fat while getting more work done? Sounds like a win-win to us.