Truly Hard Seltzer has announced another change to its classic hard seltzers and spirits-based RTDs.

The brand is refreshing its product messaging, limited-release scheduling, and product lineup, according to a Feb. 15 press release. The multifaceted strategy includes a new advertising campaign and expansion of the Truly Vodka Seltzer line.

In the first months of 2023, the brand plans to redesign packaging with an emphasis on its real fruit flavors and “more refreshing” taste. A distinction between “lightly flavored” seltzers (Berry, Citrus, and Tropical packs) and “bolder flavor” (Lemonade, Margarita-Style, and Punch) will be clearly written on the new product’s labeling.

A new launch of the brand’s first 24-ounce, resealable can will accompany the packaging update this spring.

Following several limited-edition releases in 2022, Truly will also pursue similar launches every three months. In the press release, the company specifically cites the success of last year’s Poolside and Holiday mix packs. Truly Iced Tea has also been discontinued, per the release, to “simplify the portfolio for wholesalers and retailers and create more excitement without the burden of adding new, permanent SKUs.”

Its spirits-based RTD will now be called Truly Vodka Soda, which follows the hard seltzer’s lead in terms of flavor variety. The vodka-based drinks will feature familiar flavors such as mango, pineapple, and lime.

The latest changes seem to suggest a departure from the brand’s core hard seltzer offerings.

“Truly helped establish hard seltzer as we know it today, but we recognize the segment is evolving for the drinker of tomorrow,” Boston Beer Company CEO Dave Burwick states in the release. “As hard seltzer enters the post-hype era, we are strategically investing in new marketing and packaging to keep Truly top of mind and remind drinkers why they came to the category in the first place.”

The hard seltzer and RTD brand is also prioritizing its partnership with the U.S. Women’s National Team this spring as the Official Hard Seltzer of U.S. Soccer.

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