Looking for your next treat yo’self purchase? If you love tequila, we have just the item for you. Clase Azul is now selling a bottle of super high-end tequila– and it’ll certainly cost you. For a cool $30,000, you can now own your very own ceramic, 24 carat gold encrusted bottle of the agave-based spirit.

Though Clase Azul wasn’t always deemed a ‘luxury’ brand. According to Arturo Lomeli, fonder of the company, his first tequila was “low-cost, ‘terrible,’ and packaged with a tacky sombrero and mustache,” reports CNN. After completing his studies in luxury marketing, Lomeli entirely refocused the direction of his brand.

This Tequila Costs $30,000
Photo via Clase Azul

Currently, the company’s line of tequilas range from $100 to $30,000 per bottle and are extremely recognizable, mainly because of their colorful, ceramic bottles. Clase Azul’s $1,200 bottle of tequila debuted exactly ten years ago; currently, the new release (which costs 25 times that price) comes in a ceramic bottle, encrusted with amber and 24-carat gold. The bottles were created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company; fittingly, only fifteen bottles were created.

The brand’s focus remains on the export market, mainly America, with essentially zero bottles sold in Mexico (aside from a few scattered products sold at Cancun-based resorts.) CNN reports that Clase Azul sold nearly 235K bottles of tequila last year, a 46% increase from 2015.

At this price, we’d sip, not shoot this bottle. Save the shots for your other agave-based bottles.