It’s a sobering day for coffee lovers.

Starbucks will no longer stock raspberry syrup in its cafés, a brand representative confirmed over email. The popular drink customization — often added to the brand’s Refreshers or matcha lattes — will be phased out during the remainder of March.

“As a standard course of business, we continually evaluate the ingredients in our stores and have decided to discontinue raspberry syrup. Customers can expect limited inventory at stores throughout March as we remove it from our menu,” a Starbucks spokesperson tells VinePair.

The issue was first flagged by baristas on TikTok, who shared that the discontinuation was found in team members’ weekly update.

Cue a slew of TikTok users mourning the beloved fruit syrup and documenting their love for the drink modifier:


u guys i genuinely cant live without my 3 pumps of raspberry syrup everyday😐 #starbucks#starbs#fyp#keepstarbsraspberrysyrup

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If only we could discontinue the trend of customers singing their Starbucks orders in the drive-through.

On Tuesday, Dunkin’ announced the Dunkaccino would be pulled from its menu. The quirky beverage, a take on a caffeinated hot chocolate, has now been removed from the chain’s lineup.

Rumors of the drink’s discontinuation first circulated last year on Reddit, according to A Redditor posted what appears to be a Dunkin’ internal memo, which lists the Dunkaccino as one of several seasonal drinks being eliminated from the menu. confirmed the news with a Dunkin’ representative, stating that the frozen version was also discontinued.

Redditors took to r/DunkinDonuts to discuss the cancellation — including one user who has consistently ordered the drink for the past 20 years and feels “understandably crushed.” Our condolences, u/JTex-WSP.

Rest in peace, raspberry syrup and Dunkaccino. You will be missed.