Two new beverages will join the Sonic hard beverage lineup this September. The launch includes a boozy slushie and tea, calling back to some of the drive-in’s most popular beverages.

Sonic Hard Slush offers three flavors of frozen drinks: cherry limeade, blue raspberry and watermelon. At 6 percent ABV, branded with the fast food empire’s name, and created by COOP Beverage Works, the slush pouches are comparable to Sonic Drive-In’s earlier seltzer launch.

Sonic Hard Southern Sweet Tea will launch later this summer, as well. The 5 percent ABV sweet tea will be available in packages of 12 oz slim cans, as well as individual 24 oz cans.

Both the sweet tea and hard slush will be available in only a select number of markets in Fall 2022, later expanding nationally.

The launch of these hard beverages was a “natural brand extension,” COOP president Sean Mossman states in a July 1 press release.

“After tremendous support and response from across the country for SONIC Hard Seltzer, it became clear that the SONIC fan is enjoying the experience of their favorite SONIC beverages in adult form,” he states.

This launch follows the rapid spike in popularity of the Sonic Hard Seltzer, which launched nationally earlier this year. After a small-market test in Oklahoma, the beverage grew to become available in nearly all 50 states. It has since expanded to include eight flavors.

Will Sonic Drive-In’s hard beverages pass the longevity test, instead of a rapid trend? That’s something that only time can tell, but it appears that COOP Beverage Works and Sonic are putting a stake in the boozy takes on the beloved drinks.