Red wine has long been tied to numerous heart-healthy benefits, with some scientists even claiming that it can help extend a lifespan. It’s what Edith “Edie” Ceccarelli, now the oldest woman in the United States, says is her secret to longevity.

Ceccarelli, who is nearly 115 years old, lives in a northern Californian town of some 5,000 residents. The secret to living that long? “Have two fingers of red wine with your dinner, and mind your own business,” she says, according to a Jan. 4 article by local news platform The Press Democrat.

Formerly the second-oldest person in the United States, Ceccarelli became the most senior American resident on Tuesday, when the previous title holder Bessie Hendricks passed away at 115. Ceccarelli was born on Feb. 5, 1908, and is currently the fourth-oldest person in the world. She’s only slightly younger than Fusa Tatsumi of Japan (115), Maria Branyas Morera of Spain (115), and Lucille Randon of France (118).

In addition to sipping red wine and staying out of drama, Ceccarelli also enjoys wearing the color pink, dancing, and going on leisurely walks. While at the residential care home, she’s spent her past two birthdays sitting outside the building, wearing a tiara, and watching parades hosted for the occasion.

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