There are some odd, ambitious alcohol and food combinations out there. Whether it’s boozy ice cream from Tipsy Scoop or Oreo beer at the Texas State Fair, there are always people who want to push the bounds of creativity. The Great British Cheese Company is taking things to a millennial-pink fever pitch, though with a raspberry and Prosecco Wensleydale cheese.

The combination of Wensleydale cheese and cranberries is popular in the U.K., but substituting cranberries with raspberries and adding Prosecco is a unique twist on the British classic.

“Wensleydale has a supple and crumbly texture and a milky freshness, paired with fruit such as cranberries, the acidity cuts through rich cheese resulting in a balanced flavour,” a spokesperson for the company told Pretty 52. The Prosecco provides additional acidity to the Wensleydale cheese, and compliments the cheese’s rich character. As you might expect, the cheese is pink in appearance.

The Wensleydale with raspberry and Prosecco isn’t The Great British Cheese Company’s first experiment with boozy cheese. The Drunken Monk is infused with red wine and the Whisky Mac contains, well, whisky. The Great British Cheese Company had to include beer in one of its cheeses, and features Hoppy Days Cheddar infused with ale. Forget about a wine and cheese pairing. Why not combine them into one?