Nothing incentivizes Americans quite like an ice-cold beer.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy seems to understand this. On Monday, Murphy unveiled the state’s “Shot and a Beer” program wherein New Jerseyans over the age of 21 who get their first Covid-19 vaccine shot in May will be able to take their vaccination card to a local participating brewery and receive a free beer.

Thirteen breweries across the state are participating in the program and doing their part to ensure that the region is one step closer to herd immunity. The initiative is part of New Jersey’s “Operation Jersey Summer” — the state’s plan to increase vaccination rates while gradually lifting Covid-19 related restrictions.

New Jersey isn’t the only state to use the lure of a good brew to encourage community-wide cooperation. The local government in Erie County of Buffalo, N.Y. has launched its own “Shot and a Chaser” program in an effort to capture the attention of younger city residents. The local Health Department is setting up pop-up vaccination sites next to local breweries that have agreed to offer a free drink to those who receive their shot.

As we noted when Sam Adams announced a similar program back in April, it really does seem like the term “beer and a shot” is taking on a whole new meaning.