Blends, single malts, peat, sherry casks — there’s a lot of variety to be explored in the Scotch whisky category, and there are countless distilleries competing in the space. But inevitably, a handful of brands have managed to maintain the most success worldwide.

The Spirits Business recently announced the past year’s top-performing Scotch brands in its annual “Brand Champions” report. After an increase in 2022, Scotch industry sales dipped this past year, with a handful of brands taking double-digit blows in percentage of cases sold. However, it’s not all doom and gloom: According to data from the Scotch Whisky Association, figures are up 14 percent by value and 3 percent by volume overall compared to 2019’s pre-pandemic numbers. And even though blended Scotch sales took a 16-percent dip last year, single malts saw a 2-percent bump.

In terms of this past year’s top performers, industry frontrunner and Diageo-owned Johnnie Walker continues to steamroll the competition with more than double the sales of second place-holder Ballantine’s.

Check out the world’s most popular Scotch brands in the list below.

The 20 Most Popular Scotch Whisky Brands in the World:
(sales by nine-liter cases)

  1. Johnnie Walker (22.1 million cases)
  2. Ballantine’s (8.2)
  3. Chivas Regal (4.6)
  4. Grant’s (4.4)
  5. William Lawson’s (3.4)
  6. Dewar’s (3.3)
  7. Black & White (3.2)
  8. William Peel (2.7)
  9. J&B (2.5)
  10. Label 5 (2.4)
  11. Buchanan’s (2.4)
  12. Sir Edward’s (1.9)
  13. White Horse (1.8)
  14. 100 Pipers (1.8)
  15. Glenfiddich (1.7)
  16. Passport (1.5)
  17. Teacher’s Highland Cream (1.4)
  18. The Glenlivet (1.4)
  19. Bell’s (1.3)
  20. Old Parr (1.3)