Major League Baseball Brand Wine Is A Thing

Fast Company reports that Major League Baseball has been helping a number of teams in their efforts to get into the wine business. The reason? They really would like to make team-branded beer, but since Budweiser won’t let them, they’ve gone with wine. We guess necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to these baseball branded bottles of booze. While teams like the Yankees the Mariners and the Giants have some unique local wines, it seems that a number of teams are simply slapping their own labels on collectively sourced wine:

Regarding the sourcing of the wine, Fast Company asks “Were you expecting a locally produced chardonnay from Dallas?” From the city of Dallas, no…but finding a Chardonnay — as well as other quality wines from Texas — is quite doable! Head over to Wine-Searcher to learn about Texas wines and browse through a long list.

Head over to Fast Company to read more.