LeBron James, like wine, improves with age. At least, Beats By Dre seems to think so. The company proved its affection for James with a birthday gift fit for a king: a case of very expensive wines.

Well-known wine aficionado and American basketball superstar LeBron James celebrated his 34th birthday on December 30. Like many birthday boys and girls, he was showered in gifts and wishes. Unlike most of us, though, James’ birthday included a case of 16 extremely rare wines, including Sassicaia 1990 (average price: $429), Opus One 2007 (average price: $441); and Pontet-Canet 2009, a Fifth Growth Bordeaux (average price: $268).

King James posted a video of his birthday bounty on Instagram, saying: “s/o my @beatsbydre family for this.” The case of wine is easily worth thousands of dollars.

LeBron James birthday wines
LeBron James received these rare wines as a birthday gift from Beats By Dre. Credit: King James / Instagram.com

Beats By Dre became “the official headphone, wireless speaker and audio partner of the NBA, WNBA, G League and USA Basketball in October,” Lakers Nation reported.

LeBron’s birthday wasn’t the only time he flexed his love for wine to the public this week. At a Laker’s game on Saturday, he reportedly strolled into the Staples Center with a glass in hand.

We think our Italesse universal red wine glasses would look better on him, but that’s just us.