The Best Wine Glasses For Holiday Entertaining

This holiday season make a resolution you can (and should) keep: To load up on proper wine glasses. Instead of dealing with the dread of being outnumbered by your guests year after year, stock up on glasses now with affordable yet attractive glassware that will keep the party going well into the early morning.

Mid Century modern engraved winetini wine glasses

This set of four mid-century modern 17 oz. “winetini” glasses will not only match your new credenza but will also match whatever you’re pouring for the night. Mad Men inspired, let your inner Don Draper come to life with these diamond-wheel engraved (dishwasher safe!) glasses.

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Etched Stemless Champagne Flutes Set of 6

If a more modern look if what you’re after, this set of six etched Tuscan Champagne glasses is just what the doctor ordered. The super-fine, foliage-inspired etched design — inspired by, you guessed it, the Tuscan countryside — is party ready and perfect for bubbles. When not drinking Prosecco, they can also double as elegant flower vases in a pinch.

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Italesse Red Wine Glasses Set of 6

For all things Bordeaux and beyond, this set of six Italesse universal red wine glasses is our go-to. A delicate yet durable stem supports a beautifully thin, wide-bodied bowl worthy of any holiday bash. These high-end looking glasses work with any party budget and are dishwasher friendly so you can spend less time cleaning up after a night with friends and more time watching the ball drop.

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