Jose Cuervo’s Playamar Tequila Hard Seltzer line, which initially launched in August 2020, is now available on shelves across the nation. The preliminary release included two flavors, Lime and Grapefruit. Two new flavors have just been added to the lineup: Black Cherry and Mango.

The Mango flavor is described by the brand as having a citrusy taste with a slight creaminess, while the Black Cherry is noted to be tart, with a woody finish. Both have notes of agave, and they’re made with real Cuervo tequila.

The seltzers, which come in 4-packs priced at $11.99, ring in at a sessionable 4.5 percent ABV, and will cost you only 90 calories per can — placing them on par with other hard seltzers on the market, and even lower in calories than Truly and White Claw. However, unlike their competitors, the seltzers boast zero carbs and zero sugar.

The seltzers’ debut is supplemented by Jose Cuervo’s release of a low-calorie version of its popular ready-to-drink Strawberry Margarita. Arriving in 1.75-liter bottles, the Strawberry Light Margarita will be sold for $15.99 apiece, with each serving amounting to 120 calories and coming in at 9.95 percent ABV. Luckily, they’re available nationwide, too.

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