In 2016, Jägermeister teased the world when it announced the launch of the Jäger Egg, a chocolate cream egg filled with the spiced liqueur, just in time for Easter. Sadly, it was an April Fool’s joke. Now, however, the joke’s on us. Jagermeister really did launch Jäger Eggs this year — today, in fact — and they sold out immediately.

“The last three years we’ve been inundated with customers demanding the #JagerEgg,” Tim Hawley, Innovation Controller at Jägermeister U.K., said in a press statement. “[W]e’ve had everything from desperate DM’s to pleading phone calls. It’s personally kept me up at night thinking about all those people tossing and turning, dreaming of the #JagerEgg that never was – so this is for them.”

The Jäger Egg is a Cadbury-esque milk chocolate egg with a creamy, Jäger-infused center. Only 250 of the limited edition candy eggs were made. They went on sale exclusively in the Jägermeister e-commerce store on Thursday, March 28, 2019, and sold out in the same day.

To be honest, we get it. A Jäger Egg sounds much more appetizing than a Jägerbomb. And for those who are cringing at missing their chance at digestif-fueled happiness, don’t fret: Liquor-filled eggs are really taking off in the U.K. Prosecco eggs,  strawberry Bellini eggs, beer-infused eggs, and pink gin eggs all made headlines this month.