When we heard about a couple that flew to England every few weeks to get a beer, we wondered, who would do that? But after looking at these British popsicles, we’re on board with that plan.

Here at VinePair, we’re big fans of popsicles, whether they’re made with vodka or Sauvignon Blanc. So we were pretty stoked to discover Pops, a London-based company that makes delicious popsicles in a variety of unique flavors – some of which are rather boozy.

Check out the Bellini Prosecco & Peach Pops, which have an ABV of 3.8% and are only 77 calories a piece!

These are Prosecco popsiclesOr the Fortnum & Mason pops made with Blanc de Blanc Champagne. Those are only 52 calories each.

This popsicles have ChampagneAnd there’s also the classic, which is a whopping 37% Champagne!

The pops classic has Champagne

Yum. Pops also makes non-alcoholic popsicles with unusual flavors like Apple & Elderflower. Check out all of their flavors here.