This couple visits a pub in England every 6 weeks

Now that’s what we call alcoholism dedication.

Dolores and Matthew Lawrence of Indiana visit a pub called The Plough every six weeks. It sounds like a pretty standard married couple date night ritual, until you realize The Plough is in Shutstoke village… near Birmingham… in England.

Apparently, the couple was visiting family in London and Edinburgh and decided to check out Birmingham. They were like, super, super enchanted with the place and decided to go back three months later. Now they go visit every month and a half and have ultimately decided to move there once they get job reassignments. The Plough must have a really good beer selection.

But seriously, what’s so great about this bar?

Says the couple, “People here are so friendly. In America, we don’t have pubs, we have bars. You would never go into a bar and start talking to people – if you did, everyone would think you were crazy. It’s totally different here. We love the place.”

Who else is suddenly feeling patriotic?

In the last five years, the couple estimates they’ve spent about 75K on travel. So that’s, you know, a nice plot of land, a pretty sweet car, lots and lots of wine made here in ‘Murica. But no matter. All this might seem less weird if the Lawrences were super rich, but she’s a psychiatric nurse (the irony) and he’s a loss adjuster for Liberty Mutual.

Luckily, if they move their son will be close by. He just got a spot at nearby Coventry University. Apparently he’s “really excited” about it. He looks it, doesn’t he?

This couple visits a pub in England every 6 weeks

Doesnt. He.


H/t The Coventry Telegraph