In 2014, POPS introduced what it claims was the world’s first commercial Champagne popsicle. Since then, the U.K. brand has released a range of boozy frozen treats, with flavors including Prosecco & Peach Bellini and Vodka & Watermelon Martini. POPS last week announced its latest release, and it might just be its best so far.

Produced in partnership with Gordon’s Gin, POPS’ new flavor is a low-alcohol, 47-calorie “Gin & Lime” popsicle. According to Gordon’s, the popsicles are made with actual London Dry gin and real lime juice.

While the ingredients and low-calorie count are on point, those familiar with the brand’s frozen treats might be surprised by this one’s low-ABV content. POPS’ other popsicles typically clock up around four-percent ABV, but the Gordon’s Gin & Lime comes in at less than .5 percent.

We’re sure it will be POP-ular with Brits, regardless. As for Americans, we’ll have to make do with Vodka Ice Pops and Frosé, for now, as there’s been no word of a stateside release.