Slim Chillers, an adult frozen cocktail company, has a “slimming” drinkable dessert out on shelves that is about to change your summer snack time game: Skinny Freezers, a line of 100-calorie vodka cocktails in freezer pop form.

Skinny Freezers, billed as a “low-calorie frozen treat for adults,” come in four flavors: Cosmopolitan (cranberry, orange, and lime); Appletini (tart, sweet, apple flavor); Watermelon Lemonade (self explanatory); and Lemon Drop (ditto).

They’re made with vodka—premium, eight-times distilled, charcoal-filtered vodka, mind you—and are available on the Slim Chillers website, as well as at BevMo, Walmart, and best of all, Costco.

If boozy slushies are your thing, slim chillin’ with vodka pops isn’t too far away.